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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Roll Over Sleeping Beauty . . .

. . .  you're hogging the bed. I've been on the Amitriptyline for a week now. I could tell a little difference at first. The first morning I woke up without feeling like I had the entire Sahara desert in my eyes whereas before I would feel that sand in my eyes feeling all day long. I wasn't quite as tired. But then yesterday I came home about 4 and I don't even remember laying down on the bed or Rob coming into the house. But almost 3 hours later he was waking me up for dinner. And then this afternoon I was tired enough to need a 2 1/2 hour nap. It's not the same exhaustion I was having before. Not even close. It's not sheer exhaustion. But it is still really tired and feeling like I need a nap in the afternoons although I don't take one usually. This weekend was the first naps I've had since starting the medicine last weekend. But maybe in my excitement of having started the medicine, with such high expectations, I overdid it. But I can say that I am actually sleeping. And that was the goal. That is a good thing. I am having more than just one crazy long long dream a night, which I believe is also a good thing. I still don't think I should be remembering them since that means I'm waking up during my REM cycle. But still, I see signs of improving. I see signs of actual sleep. It's just going to take time. I have to not rush myself and still try to stick to my routine that I had set for myself.


  1. I was started out on the Elevil (amitriptylline) when I was very first diagnosed. It put me in such a deep sleep, I kept sleeping through my alarm clock. I remember having to pick up my mom at a certain time after work and I totally zonked out on the bed. If she hadn't called my dad, she would still would be waiting for me to come! LOL! Of course, he can't drive, so he came and shook me awake for about 10 minutes. I woke up, my mouth so dry I could spit out dust balls from my mouth. and feeling so exhausted I didn't know how I could go on. I sat for a while, then jumped into the car and went and got her. That was the last of the amitriptylline for me. I got way too groggy...and that was on 10mg!! For depression, you take 100mg or more of the stuff..I can't imagine!
    I'm glad it's working for you. I hope it continues. You need that REM sleep in order to heal your muscles and tendons. The body heals itself during sleep.
    Have a great, restful week!!!

  2. I was on it for years for vertigo before I was diagnosed with Fibro. I had that problem too. I was on 50mg. I also had a huge problem with nightmares. My husband traveled and I couldn't wake up from my nightmares. They were so realistic. I had reoccurring dreams that either someone was breaking into the house or that the house was on fire. I couldn't wake up. Our dog Angus, who has passed away, would come and put his head under my arm and lift my arm up until I would wake up. He was my lifesaver. I had to quit the amitriptyline when I went on Lyrica. I was off of it for a year when the vertigo got too much so I went on the topiramate for vertigo. Just got doubled for migraines and then got put back on the amitriptyline 10mg for sleep. Of course, I was hesitant. But too exhausted to care if I couldn't wake up :)
    I was also hesitant because it makes you crave sweets and of course I'm already gaining weight like crazy.

  3. Just remember that drugs can be dangerous if not managed properly, it is recommended that a specialist on health care will recommend the right thing. ..

  4. That is so true Eyner. And even though all of the drugs I mentioned above were prescription drugs given to me by my doctor you still need to let them know all of the vitamins and any other herbal remedies you are on because they all interact with prescriptions drugs as well. And it's important to let your pharmacist know these things too. If you read the post "Sleeping Beauty, That's Me" I mention that the pharmacist wanted me to double check that the doctor wanted me to take the drug. When I went to get my prescription for the amitriptyline the pharmacist would not have caught this drug interaction had I not told her what my medicines were that I got from mail order. The computer will only flag drug interactions for what is in their computer system, even though my mail order pharmacy had the same name, they were not connected in the computer system. So be sure your pharmacist knows EVERYTHING you are taking.

  5. Hi! It's me, again. I just read your blog "Tattle Tails" and tried to post a comment but it came back as undeliverable. Just wanted to let you know your video DID work and I enjoyed it. Thank you! :0)

  6. Thank you for telling me. That's weird that the comments aren't working. I wonder if it's just on that post b/c people usually can comment on stuff. Maybe blogspot will fix it. That's my theory with the internet. It's always the other sites fault and maybe it will be fixed if I just wait :)

  7. LOL! That is MY fix, too, for the internet. It's THEIR fault, not MY computer's fault and if you just are persistent in waiting, it will be fixed. Too funny! :0) Have a great day and hope you are feeling less pain today.