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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Just My Experience

So yesterday I wrote about friendship. I made this comment, "it's a lot harder to make friends post diagnosis of Fibromyalgia than it was to just keep the friends I already had after I had been diagnosed." I realized that I should have said that it is just my experience. It may be the opposite for some of you. Maybe for some of you it's been hard to keep your friends after being diagnosed and it's been easier to make new ones. If so, I want to know. Either way, actually I'd like to know. What has been your experience? How does Fibromyalgia affect friendships? How does it affect socializing? Yesterday I was just writing from my personal and recent experience and I hope that you all know that.

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  1. To tell you the truth, it's very difficult for me to move around much because of my weight (I'm looking into the lap-band surgery this month) and fibro flares, so all my friend making is online with facebook, my blog & my support group. I have made really good friends with fellow sufferers. When I was working, I found it difficult to make friends that really understood me and how I feel. I may have to break plans because of a flare-up and they would think it was personal. So when I am out in public, I keep mum about my health issues. It's just easier that way. And if you don't make plans with anyone, you don't have to worry about canceling them at the last second because of a flare.