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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Anything Just for Fun Anymore?

**Warning**This post is not for the faint of heart. If you cannot handle ribbons, brads, ink and paper by the pound, then this is not for you. 
I love to scrapbook and stamp. In fact that's how my dog Bradley got his name. My friends tease me about how many brads I use in my scrapbooks. I've always liked the name Bradley (but not just Brad) and so Bradley was named for my love of embellishments in scrapbooking. It's one thing that I can still do with my Fibromyalgia. Although it does have it's complications. For instance, my neck. When I scrapbook I sit at the table and look down for long periods of time and my neck and shoulders end up sore which in turn gives me a migraines that brings many joys of its own. And here's a great one. I get tennis elbow. Yes! Like yesterday. I got tennis elbow, especially in my right elbow, since I am right handed, from all the moving at the table. Last night and today my elbow was really hurting. I guess this means that I couldn't work at a desk all day. But for me the benefits outweigh the pain, for now. It is my creative outlet. It's helps me keep my sanity. I love photography. I love pictures. So it makes sense that I would love to scrapbook them. I must like to journal after all I like blogging. And I like to send cards. I see my cards as little works of art with a letter inside. And I like to make cards as sets and give as gifts for others. Since we just moved here I am looking for ways to meet people. I went to the local scrapbook store. There is a card swap coming up. The rules were make 6 cards using some portion of this Month's Theme which was Morning Rain. You bring in your cards by the deadline of this Sunday. The store manager swaps all the cards and then you can pick up your cards on Monday. This isn't really a way to meet people. But it's still cool. Anyway, here's my first collection for the card swap.
My Morning Rain Collection
1.) This card I tried to replicate the cut and fold from a card on display in the store.  It makes a 3D card. This is the front with felt and paper flowers and of course, brads.
The inside reads "Somedays are better than others." It's hard to see, but it folds up in a fun way.
2.) "That's what i love about u" A very simple card, blank on the inside. It opens toward the top. It's embellishment is the staples on the edges of the black strips where the words are and a couple of brads where I made it look like the bottom corner was turned up trying to lead them to flip the card up instead of over.
3.) Happy Spring version 1.0 This one has a peek-thru window on front. It is cut through so you see umbrellas and rain with the definition for Spring.
Then when you open it the flowers bloom and you see the definition for happy so it ultimately reads "happy spring."
It's tri-fold and blank on the inside to write in it.
4.) "happy happy happy" kinda of an April showers bring May flowers kinda of thing.

Open on the left. Has two different brads with little things to put your ribbon through. I didn't even tie it so the recipient of the note doesn't have a hard time opening it. Just enough to keep it closed.
5.) Happy Spring version 2.0  Here's the little birdie I was talking about. I actually had to use my Fiskar knife thing to cut it out of a larger sticker. Just a regular card, blank inside. The definitions for "happy" and "spring" on the front again with the umbrellas and rain on the top part, but this time the stripes on the bottom representing rain falling. But Miss Birdie is still singing in the rain. That's what I should have called it.
6.) "don't rain on my parade" horizontal, opens on the side again with another little flap except this time is
doesn't tie close. 

Besides the fact that I just like this picture, it shows a little better the ribbon tied to the end of the flap.

So which one is your favorite?

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  1. I LOVE the little birdie with the umbrella. However, ALL of them are excellent. You are very talented! Before she died, my mom and I were really into scrapbooking. We made 2 complete books and one unfinished. Unfortunately, all my scrapbooking stuff is in storage in San Antonio - where you are! Isn't that a scream? A lot of our stuff wound up in storage and we can't get it out yet due to our cash flow problems! So I haven't scrap booked in a long time. When we do get our stuff back, I will finish the book my mom and I started and dedicate it to her sweet memory. :0)