"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I wish I had been gone fishin'. I've been absent because I've been too tired to blog. Too tired to put two words together to make a sentence. Last night was my first blog on my dogs' blog all week. If you follow it you'll notice that I've had postings, but those were prescheduled to post, not ones that I actually sat down and wrote this week. I'm blaming it on Eve. That's right. Her and that darn apple. My menstrual cycle came earlier than expected and nearly wiped me out. It was Sunday afternoon and I told my husband I thought something was wrong. Sure enough, there it was. I was so tired all I could do was sleep. and sleep. and sleep. When I wasn't sleeping I was just a zombie. But I think I'm back. Each cycle hits me differently. I must say that I probably preferred this one.  Usually it comes with excruciating lower back pain sometimes to the point where I can't even walk. Toss in a few migraines for good measure. I, of course, also have menstrual cramps. Let me rephrase that. I have, when I was 12 years old the doctor told my momma to give me 2 tablespoons of whiskey before a scrip pain pill, menstrual cramps. Thankfully I have outgrown most of those. Yay for old age! And lucky me, I get to have ovulation cramps too. Whoo Hoo! But that's actually not such a bad thing when trying NOT to get pregnant. Yes, I can tell by my cheering that my mind is coming back even if my body is slow to follow. But my fingers are working. So at least I can blog again. Except it's the weekend and you know I hardly ever post on the weekend because I'm too busy having fun with the hubs. Happy Friday!


  1. Wow this so sounds like me. under my former insurance, I was on Lybrel, a birth control pill that you take every day with no "green week" so no periods at all. the steady dose of hormones helped the FM pain and prevented me from being worthless for a week every month. I don't need birth control since my hubby had a vasectomy several years ago (best birthday present I have ever been given). I'm glad you are feeling better and are blogging again. I love reading your blogs.

  2. Thank you, you're so sweet. I was on birth control years ago. But the hormones just made me completely worthless. It was like having the pain of being on my period all the time. The back pain was unbelievably. And then once I had my flow for 5 weeks straight. I tried several kinds before I finally told the doctor "no more." I guess all those years of being on birth control trained my body to have regular periods and helped decrease the cramps because ever since then I've been pretty regular whereas before it was always anytime within a 2 week period that I could start. But I'm kinda weird in that my actual flow has always started int he middle of the night. This time it started a week early and in the middle of the day. Very unexpected.

  3. Glad you are back...I've missed my "blogging buddy." Everyday I check and see if you have written on your blog. Today I got a nice treat...one of your posts!!!

    I'm 40 and I had that endometrial ablation, where they scrape out the tissue of your uterius, thus your period stops. I did it for a medical reason, as I was having very heavy flow to the point I went to the emergency room. I remember laying on the stretcher and blood was just gushing out. I had to have my first vaginal ultrasound...boy, are those fun! They gave me 4 birth control pills to take right that night and continue on them. I did for three months, then got a gigantic blood clot in my left leg. So off the birth control! Onto a blood thinner. Hense, I had the endometrial ablation so I would bleed to death because of the blood thinners. I recommend the procedure. I haven't had a period in one year and I sure don't miss it!!

    Glad you are feeling better!