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Thursday, July 8, 2010


The results from my mammogram and ultrasound showed that the masses were just tissue. That's what the report said. I wanted to know what kind of tissue. But that's all the report says. So I am going back for a follow up appointment next week (on my birthday) when my mom is here and can go with me. Mom is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. She had two kinds of cancer. When they did her ultrasound they saw something that was obviously cancer and then something that was just a "shadow". When they did her biopsy they went ahead and biopsied the other mass. They said that they never would have even biopsied that mass had it been the only one. It was cancer too and it was the bad one. That's how mom refers to it, as "the bad one". So she is digging out her old ultrasound reports and stuff to bring with her and we are going to talk to the doctor about if we should look further just in case.


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  2. I see you got one of those survey requests, too! :0) I'm glad your mammo results didn't specifically say cancer, but I don't blame you about wanting to see if you should dig deeper to find out what this "tissue" is. Of course it's tissue! That's about as vague as saying the sky is blue! Don't you love pathology reports? They could have gone into a LITTLE more detail for you! Having your mom there may help, too. I remember when my mom would come to appointments with me, too. It's always good to have someone come in to take notes in case you should miss something. Now I have either my mother-in-law or husband go into the room with me.
    Good luck!
    Let us know how you are doing. I really enjoy reading your blog!!