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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First Mammogram

I went for my appointment today to follow up on my breast cyst. I was so glad that I found this doctor because she is a specialist in Fibromyalgia. So she can be my ob/gyn and my Fibro doctor. I still need a primary though. I've never met a medical professional who specializes in Fibromyalgia. And she has it herself so she actually knows what I'm feeling. It was exciting for me to see those two types of people in the form of one person. I'm not making any sense, I know. I've had an exhausting day and the fibrofog is kicking in. Anyway, Dr. Alagoz  told me not to take the progesterone therapy anymore. Something about the bleeding. I didn't catch it all. She did tell me that I could have a little bit of caffeine though because right now it's not going to make that much of a difference. YAY! So she did a breast exam and could feel the lump. She also felt another lump on the opposite side of the same breast. She referred me for imaging at the local hospital. Since I had made the trip to Seguin I asked if there were by chance any openings for today so I could do it while I was there. I was able to get in this afternoon. It was my first mammogram and I was scared. Of course we grow up hearing horror stories and as women this is one of the worst things we ever have to do. We all know the dreaded age of  35 is when you get your baseline and at 40 it's squishy every year. My mom is a 10 year breast cancer survivor, my great-grandmother on my dad's side died of breast cancer. Three ladies that I worked with back home were just diagnosed.  Although I'm like 99% certain that it's a cyst because it hurts and tumors don't hurt, I am nervous. Rob met me at the hospital for moral support. But he wasn't allowed to stay in the room. It wasn't as bad as I expected. For me the most painful part was having to hold my arms up. Lifting my arms above shoulder level is difficult for me. That was worse than the actual mammogram itself. I had a mammogram on both breast. Then an ultrasound on the left breast. So I guess they saw what we felt in the left breast and the right one was fine because they didn't do an ultrasound on it. They said they like to get the results to the doctor in 24 hours but that doesn't always happen. Then I just have to wait for the doctor to call me with the results. But I've been out all day and I'm exhausted. Goodnight!

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