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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goodie Goodie Garlic

If you're not following the blog Fibromyalgia & CFS Blog By Adrienne Dellwo, add it to your roll. Today she talked about the powers of garlic which I happen to love.This is just a quote from the article. To read the whole thing, click here.

"Reducing Inflammation
Research shows that garlic inhibits enzymes that can lead to inflammation, and thereby help with illnesses like asthma and arthritis.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (part of the immune system). For years, experts have doubted that fibromyalgia involved inflammation, but some new evidence has suggested that it does, and many of our common comorbid conditions are inflammatory.
Anti-inflammatory drugs can be really hard on your liver and digestive system, so it's important to have alternative ways to fight inflammation."
I love to cook with garlic. In fact you'll see it in a lot of my recipes here. For me the easiest way to use garlic is with the Pampered Chef garlic press. It's $16 but worth every penny. 

How to use garlic my way:
Smack the garlic on the counter to loosen the cloves apart. You may have to peel back some of the paper. Loosen it and pull out a couple cloves. Leave the rest of the paper on the head. Take your Pampered Chef garlic press. Put one clove into the press. Do Not Peel It! The press does that for you. Squeeze the handle over your bowl. Take a small knife and scrape the garlic off the press into the bowl. Then open the press and use the tip of the knife and pull out the skin of the clove.If the cloves are tiny you can do more than one at a time. I use a lot more garlic than what any of my recipes actually say I use.

Tips-Don't buy the huge garlic. The bigger they are the harder they are to squeeze through the press. For normal people it may be okay. But for me with fibro and my hands hurting, I buy the smaller ones.
Garlic is easy to grow and makes pretty flowers
To store the garlic, leave the papery skin on it. Put back in the box if it came in one, or you can store it in a garlic container. You can just stick it in the cabinet with your spices. It just needs air circulation. Only refrigerate garlic if it has already been peeled, chopped or pressed.I find that the easiest way to clean the Pampered Chef garlic press is to fill the sink with warm soapy water. Rinse out the press the best you can. Then put it under the water and shake back and forth. That gets the water going through those little holes and gets anything out. I've never put my through the dishwasher. That and using the knife while cooking seem a lot easier than the little tool that comes with it for cleaning. 
Cook on!

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