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Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Up Appointment

I had my follow-up visit with the doctor yesterday. The masses in my breast were not cyst. The report said that they were normal tissue. However, when my mom got breast cancer they only biopsied a "shadow" because they were already in there for another biopsy. Turned out that shadow was a worse type of cancer. The doctor told her that if they had waited until the next year's mammogram it would have made it through her lymph nodes and into her system. They found it before it made it into her lymph nodes. So for peace of mind she is referring me to a surgeon to have them removed. She isn't worried. She said this is really routine.

While I was there I talked to her about getting on the preventative medicine for the migraines. Turns out the medicine I am taking for vertigo is a migraine preventative. So she is increasing my dosage for that. She is also giving me something to help me sleep, but the pharmacist said there are some interactions with the migraine medicine so I am supposed to talk to the doctor and make sure that she still wants me to try to take it before I start that. I'm going ahead and increasing the dosage for the vertigo/migraine medicine because the migraines are affecting my daily life. But since the doctor is off until Thursday I'm just not going to worry about trying to take the sleep medicine stuff until I talk to her first.


  1. I don't know whether it will help, but my migraines had taken control of my life until I was prescribed Pizotifen tablets by my GP. I take two tablets and bedtime and now my migraines are far more manageable.

    At my last check-up I mentioned that I had stopped taking the Pizotifen in the previous few days because I hadn't had a migraine attack for a while and was concerned about the vast quantity of presciption meds I consume. Only two days later the migraine attackes returned with a vengeance. I've only just got them back under control. Me and my big mouth!

  2. I know this isn't the post where you mentioned that your preventative migraine meds have helped you a lot, but can you tell me which meds have been helping? Because everything you have written sounds just like me except that I have not found any meds that work for me. If you don't want to post the meds here, can you just email me? morgantraci@hotmail.com I probably won't remember WHERE I asked you this question anyway, so an email answer would be so great! THank you!

  3. Hey Traci,
    I have posted my list of medications on the blog. If you click on the label "RX Medications" you should be able to find it. The last time I posted it was August 1st so it is time for me to update it. You could find it under the Chronological archives that way as well. I was taking Topirimate for vertigo which is also used for migraines. So when I needed something for migraines they just increased my dosage of Topirimate. I also take Amitriptalyne for sleep. It has been used a lot for several types of pain. I think it helps in conjuction with the Topirimate. Amitriptalyne is something that is just now starting to be used a lot by doctors to help Fibromyalgia patients sleep because it works in the brain differently than a regular sleeping aid. I've actually started getting rest. I take 5 to 10 mg depending on what time I need to get up the next morning and what I have going on because it does make you want to sleep a little later. Side benefit, again it can help with pain. I'm sure that I didn't spell either one of those correctly :)Now when I actually get a migraine I take Sumatriptan Succanate. Again, spelled wrong, I'm sure. You can take two doses in a 24 hour period. They have to be 2 hours apart. It always take me the 2 doses (along with 2 Aleve, per my doctors orders). Hope this helps.