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Friday, July 30, 2010

Couple Little Updates

I finally got through to the doctor about taking that medicine for sleep. She prescribed Amitriptyline to help me sleep at night. She said that regular sleeping pills do not work for Fibromyalgia. Of course, I cannot remember why. But it is because this works differently in the brain because it is not a sleeping pill. However, when I got to the pharmacy a drug interaction was flagged with the Cymbalta. So the pharmacist told me to ask the doctor if she still wanted me to take it and gave me advice on how to take the two together safely. So for the last two weeks I've been trying to remember to call the doctor. I would even set alarms on my phone to remind me but I wouldn't hear them or for whatever reason miss them. One time I accidentally set them alarm for 2:30am. I didn't think that was really an appropriate time to call. A few times she wasn't there. So anyway, we finally got connected and she said that it was okay to take the medicine. So tonight I will start taking the Amitriptyline. I used to take it for vertigo, but that was a much larger dose, 50mg. I quit taking it because I could not wake up in the morning. This is only 10mg. So hopefully I'll be okay. I expect great things from this little pill. I've been so exhausted. If this works my life could literally change.

The other update is that the receptionist called to remind me of my consult with the surgeon on Monday for my lumpectomy. In the long list of things that she told me I was instructed not to wear any deodorant, body powder, perfume or anything of the like on my breast, abdomen, neck or underarms. HOW GROSS! I live in Sunny San Antonio. It'll be August! My appointment is at 12:30 and I will have not been wearing any deodorant. I put deodorant on immediately after I get out of the shower. I mean immediately after I towel off, it's the first thing before I even comb my hair out. I hate the feeling of the skin sticking to skin. I read in an article that deodorant works best if applied at night. Something about getting into the skin, blah, blah. I can never remember anything anymore. But I do remember that. So I'm thinking I apply it at night and then shower in the morning and maybe I'll not stink and sweat too bad. But I'll still have the whole skin sticking problem. And, no, don't even think about leaving a comment recommending that I just grow my hair out so that I can't feel it : )

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