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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Consultant With Surgeon Scheduled

The surgeon's office called and set my consultation for August 2nd, so it's just around the corner. They said that she may biopsy it in the office and choose not to do a lumpectomy. Of course this is just the receptionist talking from what she's seen so she doesn't know my specific case. I am supposed to get the films of my mammogram and ultrasound from the hospital to take with me. The doctor already has the reports. I'm actually more scared of a needle biopsy than a lumpectomy. At least I'd be asleep during a lumpectomy. Unfortunately I've seen a biopsy because I've been with a friend while she got one. Either way, I am at peace about what will happen. The peace came over me during my mammogram at the same time that friends were praying. It's a great gift. However, it is difficult to be here away from all my friends and family. I struggle with knowing when to have Rob go with me to what appointments. Is this appointment "big" enough for him to take off work? Because what if he needs to take off work later and should save his days, and many other thoughts. I have no family or girlfriends to go with me. This is the first time I've had to do such scary things all on my own. But He knew I would be here. And that peace is here with me. So I guess that's my girlfriend to go with me when my friends and moms can't. Her name is Peace.  A gift from my friends who pray and a gift from Him.

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  1. I had a doctor's appointment last week and because I turned the big 4-0, it's time for my very first mammogram! Aren't I excited? I think I'll procrastinate and wait until my husband is out of the hospital before I tackle THAT project!! Good luck with your appointment. And I'm happy you found inner peace. I do that, too, sometimes and it really is a wonderful gift. Very soothing.
    Gentle hugs,