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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prompt Progesterone

So I started Progesterone Therapy to try to reduce the size of the cyst found in my breast. The directions on the bottle said to apply it twice a day two weeks prior to the beginning of your menstrual cycle for premenopausal women. That's me, premenopausal, even though at times my hot flashes make me feel menopausal. But I was anxious to get a jump on it and start shrinking that thing. So shortly after my cycle ended I began the progesterone. After about a week and a half I was feeling very energized. I was staying up late, which ended up not being a good thing, but still I was very AWAKE. I kept thinking "Man, I shouldn't have taken such a late nap. Oh, wait, I haven't even had a nap." Or wondering how many glasses of tea or coffee I'd had that day only to realize, none, I've given up caffeine! Could it possibly be the progesterone? I don't know. But I've had more energy than normal. And not as many hot flashes. Seriously. It's worth trying. Then one morning I woke up to my period. I kid you not, it was exactly two weeks from when I started the progesterone. So when I thought I would be getting in a little extra progesterone therapy, it actually made me start my period early. Two weeks to the exact time of day. Amazing. Now, I don't know if it's helping the cyst. It's still hurting. I can't say whether it's smaller or not. I do have an appointment coming up. And I will tell the doctor about the progesterone I've taken.

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  1. It sure DOES sound like the progesterone, especially if you have noticed these findings since taking it. Sounds good...I need an energy kick, too! :0) I hope it helps your cyst. Sore boobs are NOT fun, I've been there, done that myself. They are sore with and without a bra, aren't they?

    Hope the progesterone keeps working!
    Have a great day!