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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Made My Appointment

I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment to see a doctor to follow up on my breast cyst. I've been doing the Progesterone. Have you ever watched the show The Doctors? Well, the other day they were talking about the dangers of self-medicating and it made me wonder about the progesterone I'm using. But I do have an appointment and I don't plan on concealing anything from my doctor. Although I gotta say, I don't think it is shrinking. It is still hurting. If anything I think I have more than what we found at the other appointment. My breast just hurt in certain spots. So I'm ready to see what's wrong. Yikes!


  1. I wish you the best! I will be thinking about you. When is your appointment? You take care and keep us posted!

  2. July 12th. I'm at the point where I kinda want them to drain it if it would help the pain. I was scared of that at first b/c I went with a friend once when she had hers done and the needle was HUGE. But now I kinda don't care anymore.

  3. One thing I've learned as being a patient or going with someone else who is having a procedure...NEVER look at the needle! It will psych you out!! I'm a nurse, so I know these things. :0)