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Friday, June 25, 2010

Facebook Fan Page

Okay, other bloggers are doing it, so I'm jumping off the bridge as well. I started a Facebook fan page for the blog.  I'm just figuring out how to create this page so give me time to get it started. And I'm not sure just yet how to get you linked to it, so you'll just have to search on FB for "This Is My Fibro."  This may just be a trial run. We'll see how it goes. I really thought that when I started the blog we would have conversations here. I don't know about having them split up between here and FB. Not that there's a whole lot of conversing going on anywhere. At the moment this is more like my journal that friends occasionally peek in and I don't mind. But I do benefit from having a place to process and the encouragement I receive from you. So I am not leaving the blogroll.

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  1. Oh, good! I would miss your blog! Don't be discouraged, after all, who are you REALLY doing this blog for? YOU! So who cares if not a lot of discussion is going on? I'm like you....I like interactive web pages and when I started my blog and fan page, I wanted people to mingle, chat, discuss! But I didn't find that and that got me thinking...I love doing my blog, I'm doing it for myself, so if people mingle and converse, great. If not, oh well. I'm still doing my blog and I get great joy from it. And I love reading yours, too. So don't let the "fuddy-duddies" get to you. I haven't! And as for your fan page, face book has a pretty good tutorial how to get started. I don't know how to link to mine either, except I placed a profile badge on my blog that goes right to the fan page. I'm very new at my page, too, and just learning the ropes. Good luck to ya!
    Gentle hugs,