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Friday, June 18, 2010

EZ Moves

Ok, I told you I would give you some helpful tools that I found while moving. The EZ Moves™ II Furniture Slides. I bought them from U-Haul, but I'm sure you could find them other places. I didn't use them as much packing as I did when in the new house trying to unpack. They work amazingly well. They only work on carpet, however, they do have some for hard surfaces as well. The hardest part about using this product is getting them under whatever it is your moving. For instance, I wanted to move the cedar chest. Well, if I'm by myself, I have to lift each corner of the cedar chest and slip one under. But once they are under it's easier than pushing an old lady down. Okay, bad example. But we were moving the cedar chest a lot because we didn't know where it was going to go. So I left the EZ Moves under it. Once we had decided it's permanent location, I just pulled them out. We used it to move hutches and larger items. While my husband lifted the corner I would slide it under. I was able to use it completely by myself to move a large houseplant without any trouble. I moved the futon which was a little more difficult. My husband came home and asked "How did you move all this stuff?" Like I've been faking Fibro all this time :)
I would say that if you have something you move a lot, get a set of these and keep under it. Or if you move things a lot that you can't move by yourself, but you could lift each corner by yourself, this would work beautifully. It was so nice to be able to just move stuff around my house again. It's not as good as having muscles, but it makes the life I do have easier.

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