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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Breast Cyst

Just before moving I had my annual women's health exam. During the breast exam the doctor pushed on a certain spot and I said that it hurt really bad. And of course she said "Right here?" and pushed on it again. "Yes" I squeaked in pain. She said that she could feel a cyst. I was concerned since my mom is a breast cancer survivor. But I did know that tumors don't hurt, cyst do. The doctor wanted to do an ultrasound but they couldn't get me in that day. It was a Friday and we were moving the next week. So she just said to cut out caffeine and if it was still tender in a month to find a new doctor here to have it checked out. There were other factors. My appointment was just a day or two before I was about to start my monthly cycle so she said that it could be hormonal. And of course the stress of the move. But I will admit that I have been drinking a lot of sweet tea from restaurants. I know it's bad. But I may have become addicted. After my appointment I talked with girlfriends who had also had cyst. One was put on vitamin E by her doctor. Another one suggested Progesterone therapy. I actually have noticed that my breast hurt. In fact, it seems that they hurt worse when I take my bra off. It's like they are less painful when they are bound. I find that when I get out of the bed, or shower or wherever I may not be wearing a bra, I will cup my breast and hold them up to relieve the weight. This seems to relieve some pain. My mom told me that she always had real cystic breast. Well, that's not a good sign for me. I googled the link between FMS and breast cyst. I didn't find much except that breast cyst are evidently a very common symptom in people with Fibro. There didn't seem to be much success with vitamin E therapy so I decided not to stick with it. But I am doing the Progesterone therapy. It may help with other areas too. And of course, I am going to kick the caffeine. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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