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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Body Pillows

In a recent post I stated that I was thinking about getting the Boppy Total Body Pillow. While we were traveling I saw the store Destination Maternity. We went in so I could see the pillow. The salespeople were so nice. They have a yoga room where I was able to lie down on a mat and actually try out the pillow. I tried out the Boppy pillow and a couple of others. I liked Boppy the best. Since we were traveling we decided not to get it that day. But I did come home and order it. (I actually ordered it at Bed, Bath & Beyond because I had a 20% off coupon.) I currently sleep on an Apple Core Pillow recommended by my chiropractor. For organization sakes, I'll make that a separate post. When lying down with the body pillow, it was more comfortable to me to use it upside down, that is the part recommended to go between the knees under my head. The first night that I slept on it I woke up with a migraine in the wee hours of the morning. I moved the body pillow from under my head and put my core pillow back under me. After a few more hours of sleep the migraine was gone. My chiropractor said that using a body pillow is fine, but not the right support for my neck. So now I sleep with the knee part in between my knees and I have the head part in between my arms. I still have my head on my Apple Core Pillow. It works out nicely. I will say that it is difficult to roll over. Of course I usually wake up every time I roll over anyway. Sometimes I will lay on my back and have the large part under my knees since it can be painful for my back when lying flat. I'm glad that I purchased it, but since I can't use it under my head I probably could have used any body pillow. This was the most comfortable one though. If you haven't tried sleeping on your side with something between your knees and arms give it a try. It helps to align your spine and alleviates back pain. I hope this helps. What products do you use for a better night's sleep?

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