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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fall '09

The following is a previous post from Fall '09:

Ok, I've had these results to my blood test for a few days and just haven't taken the time to post them. I was in for my normal visit to renew scripts and stuff. But I needed to talk to the doc about my feet hurting. My feet have been hurting sometimes enough to keep me from walking. It's just part of Fibro that when you get up in the morning your feet hurt and are stiff. But after a few minutes of walking around, or waddling around, they are better. But lately they were getting worse. I would wake up in the morning and while still lying in bed my feet would hurt so bad the thought of getting up was painful. Sometimes the pain would radiate up into my legs. I bought a couple pair of insoles for shoes. But being the girl that I am, my shoes fit. You know, pretty girl shoes don't have room for big insoles. But I could fit them into my cowboy boots and my rain boots. Well, you know it was raining forever. Almost enough to keep me wearing the boots with insoles so long that my feet starting getting better. So it was a healing rain. But just in case the doctor ran some blood work to make sure that it was just Fibromyalgia. As always, if I give blood (or rather if they take it from me, I never just give it) my renal function is tested. My kidneys are working in the normal range. So that's good. Also a good is that I am no longer anemic, thanks to some strong vitamins and pounds of spinach consumed every week. He asked if I know what B12 deficiency is. I said "no, but I heard it on House and it sounded really bad." Joy, I do not have B12 deficiency. I do not have diabetes, lupus, thyroid problems or anything else wrong with me. There were other things listed on the sheet but I forget. My blood pressure and cholesterol are fine. While there he also checked for Plantar Fasciitis and neuropathy. Both negative. Lately, the pain has not been as bad. And you will all be glad to know that I have since bought two cute pair of flats in a half size bigger and put in insoles.


  1. I've had that plantar fascitis and that is NOT fun! It hurt so bad (even more than fibro pain!) that it interfered with my work! I had a cortisone shot in my heel and special orthotics inserted into my shoes and now my feet are back to normal. But, boy, did that hurt. and plantar fascitis, I was told, is more common in people with fibro. Of course!

  2. I think everything is more common in people with with Fibro. Check out my post titled "monster list of fibro symptoms". It's crazy.