"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Monday, July 21, 2014

Freezer Meals: Taco Soup

Taco soup for crock pot 

1/2 of 1 lb. bag dry pinto beans rinsed
1/2 of 1 lb. bag dry black beans rinsed
1 lb. ground turkey
1 taco seasoning mix
1 ranch seasoning mix
1 can hominy
2 cans rotel
2 cans chicken broth

Put all in the Ziploc bag and mash together to mix the seasoning. Double bag it to keep liquid from leaking. Freeze. To cook: place in crock pot, frozen, and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Add more broth as needed.

Since the recipe only calls for half a bag of beans I made two batches at one time. While you're prepping these you can make this same meal with canned beans on the stove for dinner that night if you really want to go wild! Just brown the meat with the seasoning packets and then dump everything else into a big pot. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fibromyalgia: Is It In Your Head Or Your Hands?

I know I'm a little late on this. But new research is showing the cause of Fibromyalgia may very well be in our hands, not in our brains. This is not necessarily bad news, just different. So don't freak out. Read these articles and tell me what you think.Healthline and INTiDYN. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ouch That Hurts!

This is a pre-nap story time gone awry. Yes, it hurts. But I try not to let my kids know that their touching me hurts. I put on a happy face and bear it. In fact, you can see me grimace in the bottom left picture. But I don't do that when they can see my face. I try to keep it under control. Of course I say "ouch" and "that hurts" when they do something exceptionally painful. And maybe two or three times a week I make them get off of me telling them, "That hurts mommy, please get down." But I think that's realistic for any parent. I do not want my Fibromyalgia to make me and mommy that they cannot touch. I want them to have all the love I want to give even if my body is not capable of giving everything that is inside my heart. These are the affectionate years. It is important for their development both emotionally and physically. And it is important for me too. These days will not last forever and they will not always be this affectionate. I will miss holding their squishy little bodies and how easily they ran into my hugs and kisses. I will admit, though, that as soon as they go down for nap it's time for a big break. I do the things that I must get done. And then I rub some oils on, take medicine if I need to, lay back on a heating pad and read to escape. That is how I am surviving lately. When they wake up the first thing I do is get those little arms wrapped around me for a huggy huggy, kissy kissy. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Short, Sweet, Point

I've obviously been having a hard time blogging. I'm exhausted all the time. These toddlers are kicking my butt. The only time I can do anything is when they are asleep. During their naps I have to do stuff around the house because if I try to do it while they are awake they are, ya know, inside the dishwasher, washing machine, etc. And when they go down at night I am literally right behind them. I maybe last an hour. Long enough to eat and shower. But as I was writing our friend Chelsea, I told her about our trip to the zoo for just a few hours one day and how it took me a week to get over it. You're going along starting to feel like maybe you're actually a normal person and then something happens to remind you that your not. I realized that I have these thoughts occasionally that I can try to journal. Short ones, mind you, because I usually can't complete a, finish a. . . what was I saying? Anyway, the only problem is that I say that I'm not a Debbie-downer. And some of these one liners may sound like I am. So please forgive me if my future entries sound like I'm complaining. I just may not have the energy to put coherency to the  positive thoughts in my head. I assure you, they do still live there. 

If you can't beat them, join them.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2014

I am so honored that my blog was chosen as one of  Healthline’s Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2014. Especially considering how sporadically I write. It does bring me great joy to know that something I've said or put together may be helping someone. And that comments left have generated conversation to spur on support and further resources for each other as we fight this together. Thank you to everyone who patiently waits for me to post and submits comments with your advice and helpful tips for others. I am continually learning from you all.

You can see the full list here: http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/best-fibromyalgia-blogs

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wildseed Farms

We visited the Texas wildflower seed farm just outside Fredericksburg. We wanted to get pics of the kids in the flowers and they have beautiful fields. I called ahead to make sure that we could take a stroller on the pathways. They told me that it was handicap accessible. I will warn you that it is gravel paths so rolling the stroller, and I assume walker or wheelchair, can be a little challenging. But it is free admittance and it is seriously gorgeous. They raise wildflowers native to Texas and then harvest the seeds for selling. You can purchase seeds, plants, bulbs, etc. Of course there is an enormous gift shop for pottery and other garden treasures. I was surprised, however, to see the live band and restaurant. It was really very pleasant. There is one section where you can walk a path through the flowers to take pictures. I would recommend calling ahead if you are going specifically for that. We took my in-laws back for a visit when they were here and they had recently harvested that field to plant something else. But it was still worth the visit because we visited fields that we never took the time to go through since we spent all our time before taking pictures in the one field. If you're interested you can visit the website here.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dust And Clean

On Friday, March 7th I went in for my D&C with hysterescopy. I did have polyps removed along with some scar tissue. The D&C should clean out all of the Candida. He said that the polyps can make it difficult to get rid of infections. When the Lord said you will have pain in child birth I don't think it was limited to the actual birthing process. I think just having the equipment is painful. I tell you what, all kinds of stuff just grows up in there. Doesn't it? Polyps, tumors, endometriosis, yeast, bacteria. We might as well hang up a welcome sign. He said stay on the diet and give it three months to heal. If I'm feeling fine I can skip my appointment and come back for my annual. Right now I think I'm doing ok. My biggest complaint is the pain from the procedure. I am still having pain. I started on Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen. I was on that for the first week. Now I'm on Tramadol. I guess I thought I would be better by now, but I shouldn't be surprise. It always takes me longer to recover from anything.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seaweed Shmeeweed

I tried roasted seaweed the other day. I saw it in the store. The package said MSG free, gluten free, sugar free. Oh look, something I can eat. It was like licking the inside of an aquarium. You know how your fish tank smells when it needs to be cleaned? That's exactly how it tasted. Why do people eat this stuff? I let the kids try it. They can't talk yet but I know they were saying, "You wouldn't let me put that leaf in my mouth the other day but you want me to eat this!" Even the dogs wouldn't eat it. Then my husband tried it. Seriously, after seeing all our reactions you're still going to try it? I can't get you to try good food but you'll try something that almost made me throw up. I will remember and remind you of the day you tried seaweed forever. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Circumcising Candida

I went back to the ob/gyn for a follow-up on my Candida. I still have it, which I could have told you that. I also had a bacterial infection. I took some pills for the bacterial infection and did a cream suppository for the vaginosis. Three nights of Terconazole. He said that because of where we live, almost subtropic, there is a genetic strain of yeast that is particularly hard to kill. He also showed me a chart of something that could be growing in my uterus, polyps I think, that could be causing the yeast. I really need to start recording my conversations and taking pictures of the charts because when  I leave I don't remember much. I'm supposed to do the treatment and wait 6 weeks. If I still have the vaginosis we can do a D&C with hysteroscopy to have a look and clean it all out. In the conversation I mentioned that I don't ever hear of men having Candida. He quickly corrected me and said that they do indeed, especially uncircumcised men. He told me of one man who was circumcised when he was 32 to control the Candida growth around the penis. He told the doctor he wish he had just been circumcised as a child because then he at least would not remember it. Then I was talking about circumcision with someone else and she said that her husband had to be circumcised in his thirties due to recurring UTIs. So men do suffer the same things us women go through it's just all hush, hush. I'm not happy that men suffer. However, I was about ready to have a hysterectomy. You know when you're desperate you'll try anything. I was at that point where I figure if I'm not going to bear children, and if men don't get this, obviously not having a uterus is a plus in the battle. But I guess not. And of course, I don't really want to go into early menopause. But you know you get irrational when you're at wits ends and malnourished. So now I'm hoping this is just something he can go in and scrape out and be done with it. We'll see.